Browse is a web design and development agency

with offices in Sussex in England and Andalucia in Spain.

Working from office locations in both Chichester and Granada, Browse is a British company, a full service digital agency with a dedicated team of web design and development professionals  whose speciality is developing efficient and practical design and communications solutions. Our ambition is to create well thought out, appropriate and successful work for all our clients.

Our approach to design and development is creative, practical and straightforward. Combining technical expertise with creative thought, we create individual solutions in a simple style which remains clean and contemporary.

The perception of your business is crucial and so is how you communicate your message to your customers. We believe that your website design should continually evolve and work for you rather than being something that is done once and then forgotten about. Technology moves forward and we work with you to help your business keep pace.

We strive to make our work different from the norm and to always make it better. This may sometimes mean working on something for as long as it takes to make it right. Our commitment to the excellence of our work is matched by our desire to create strong and meaningful relationships with our clients and the brands they represent.

To achieve this, we work with all our clients on a one-to-one basis which ensures a design solution that is built around your own unique business needs and requirements. We work hard to understand our clients and to deliver meaningful ideas, intelligently.

Whether you are located between Chichester and Brighton on the South Coast, in Granada and the Costa Tropical in Andalucia or Malaga on the Costa del Sol and beyond, we offer a complete digital design and development service. From small, informational websites and brochures to complex and dynamic corporate design solutions.

Forum House
Stirling Road
West Sussex
PO19 7DN
t. 01243 200 633

Primero de Mayo
18127 Fornes
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Browse is design

  • White Concrete Floors

    Website design and build


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  • Next Level Films

    Website design and build


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  • Charles Landry

    Website design & build


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  • VJG Jewellery

    e-Commerce website design & build


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  • Inky Leaves

    Website design & build


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  • Khadi Papers

    e-Commerce website design & build


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  • Emily Ball Studio

    Website development


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  • Oyster Trekking

    Website design & build


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  • Whithurst Park

    Website design & build


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  • Tangmere Museum

    Website design and build


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Above is just a small selection of recent work created for some of our clients.
If you would like to see more of what we can do, please click the link below to view the Browse Catalogue or contact us for details.

Browse is communication

How to work with Browse.

We are able to provide the following professional web design and development solutions to help grow your business and in all cases we tailor our expertise to suit your requirements.

  • Content Management Systems

    If it is important for you to manage your website, we can provide you with a solution to maintain all your website content without the need to involve us.
    We generally favour the WordPress platform which offers a great deal of flexibility and control and can be delivered at a very competitive price point. We have a huge amount of experience with WordPress and understand how to get the best out of its components.
    Alternatively, it is all about the best framework for your project, so we are also able to build a custom Content Management System (CMS) that is built to your particular requirements. We use Symfony, PHP and JQuery to deliver a totally bespoke solution that is right for you.

  • eCommerce Solutions

    We can help you sell your products online with a new eCommerce website or adding eCommerce functionality to an existing website.
    We are able to help you with everything you need to launch a successful online store, from design to content management and online payment solutions.
    We will take care of all the technical stuff, providing you with the best framework for the job, making it easy for you to market and sell your products online. We can also help with advice on online banking payment gateways and  marketing strategy.

  • Email Marketing

    in today’s online marketplace, email newsletters are probably the most effective way of delivering your message to your audience, be they existing customers or a new potential market. A custom designed HTML newsletter is a simple and attractive medium for marketing your services or product. It reinforces your brand and conveys a sense of professionalism.
    Using our newsletter management system you are able to manage your email contacts, create campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of each of your mailouts.
    We can help you with all aspects of devising and managing your email marketing strategy from contact management through the design and delivery of engaging online content to the interpretation of the resulting data. This toolkit will enable you to receive instant feedback and connect directly with your market.

  • Multilingual content

    As web communication becomes the main driver of business growth, Staying relevant means publishing regular, relevant and highly targeted web content. For an international business, this content needs to be reproduced in multiple languages and distributed in real-time. Modern consumers expect information instantly and with internet search providing instant results, the mastery of language is a vital business asset to ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.
    A good multilingual CMS is the backbone of your communication strategy, enabling you to rapidly create and deliver content in any number of languages. We can design and build a web solution to deliver multilingual content to your precise requirements. We are also able to advise on translation services and how to display content in different languages across various platforms.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Over the last 18 months we have seen huge growth in the mobile and tablet market as users move to mobile devices to browse and consume internet content. Your audience will know nothing about Responsive Design, but what they will know is whether or not your website works on their device. Responsive Web Design allows your website to adapt to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on, creating a more engaging web browsing experience. It may be important for visitors to your site to access content in this way and deals with the issue of not knowing where and how your website will be viewed. Therefore, we offer this service for your website as part of the design and build process, thereby creating a seamless and dynamic experience for your brand and audience across all platforms from desktop to mobile.

  • Social Media

    It has become impossible to ignore the fact that Twitter, Facebook and the simple blog have become omnipresent on the internet. We are here to help steer you through the ever changing digital landscape and help you market effectively online by delivering the right message. Our services cover creating and writing engaging content for your blog or news pages and the all-important social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
    We are also able to advise on Search Engine Marketing to help you find the perfect combination that works for you and your marketing strategy.

We are able to design and build small, informational websites right up to dynamic e.commerce solutions and our customer friendly approach to design means that your site can evolve as new business opportunities appear and new content can be added as necessary.

For the technologically minded, for whom these things matter, we are fully HTML5 and CSS3 literate and fluent in PHP, JQuery, WordPress and Symfony.

Most importantly for us, working with, designing and building “Responsive” design is not just another detail, it’s a whole way of being and about delivering a different experience. If you are viewing this on your mobile, you can see that already…

Tell us what you want

Before embarking on any design project it is essential that we understand what you want from your website. To help you we have put together a short questionnaire which will enable us to all focus on what is needed for a successful result. Please click the link below to access our online questionnaire.

Is there anything you would like to ask us?

Environment is everything

  • Space
    Our surroundings

    Of course where we work plays a part in determining our holistic design outlook. Acres of olive groves and unspoilt countryside help unclutter the mind and cleanse the spirit. Our clean modern offices provide a healthy and efficient environment for design creativity. Fortunately for us, the constant Mediterranean sun means we can benefit from natural daylight as much as possible and it also provides us with solar energy, thereby reducing our energy consumption.

    As a “digital” agency our physical requirements are simple and we go to some lengths to achieve a paperless office environment. By working outside the big city, we strive to minimise our environmental impact.

  • Light

    Light is important for any creative environment. One of the reasons we love working deep in the mountains of Andalucia is the brilliant, natural and unpolluted light. The qualities of the light change throughout the year but it never ceases to uplift our spirits.

    The Computer and tablet screen is the absolute antithesis of this but it is through this medium that we view what we do. Sometimes, partially shutting out the sunlight and augmenting it with an artificial light source changes the mood and we can see work in a different way.

  • Sound
    How we listen

    In any design studio music plays an important part in the stimulation of ideas. At Browse we all take great enjoyment in finding the right sound to generate the most creative atmosphere. It isn’t only about the absorption of popular western culture but the thoughtful use of music, sound and texture provides a creative backdrop and its influence finds its way into our work.

    From opera to electronica, From Brian Eno to the Aphex Twin and surf guitar to punk, we love the diversity of recorded sound. All our design output has its own soundtrack. Thank you Apple, Arcam and Bose.

    A special mention should go to Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian, inventors of the Buddha Machine. A calming influence which colours our best work.

  • Technology
    How we work

    Despite popular perceptions to the contrary, technology is not an end in itself. Mastering digital technology is only the beginning of the creative process. We never stop learning and our reference library is constantly used; for inspiration and to rediscover old but forgotten techniques and ideas.

    It is a valuable resource because although design trends change, the basic principles remain the same. Delving into a book on design refreshes our perspective and allows greater visualisation of the present task.

In the office

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Forum House
Stirling Road
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Together, we are Browse.

We have our own way,
we always say what is right on this side
and what is not,
and what is right on the other side
and what is not.
It should be clear to everyone
that we have our own point of view
and that we know the worth
of what is right
and what is not right.

Josip Broz Tito